Exhibition categories

All the instrumentation and devices regarding non-destructive inspection and measurement

• Categorized by method

RT, UT, ET, MT, PT, SM, AE, VT, Laser, Infrared etc.

• Categorized according to application usage

Measurement/sizing (length, thickness, width), material evaluation (discrimination, electric conductivity, extraneous material, hardness, degree of hardening, poor weld, poor adhesion, elastic modulus measurement), dent (cracks, lamination, void, hollow), others (contamination detection, inclusion detection, publication, information etc.

Visitor categories

All the manufacturing industries and safety maintenance engaged in inspection, measurement, testing and evaluation.

• Processing and/or manufacturing companies of automobile, electronics, semiconductors, food, medical related products, heavy industries, industry, civil construction, aerospace instruments, vehicles, ships and vessels, tools and dies etc.

• Manufacturers of materials such as iron, refining, metal or non-metal, glass, plastic, ceramics etc. (in terms of material inspection)

• Power related entities: electric power generating, retailing, chemical/fuel/nuclear power plants

• Research Centers, Examination Facilities, Academic Institutions (Universities, Colleges) etc.

* Due to the concurrent convening of multiple related shows, a spillover effect of visitors from these fields can be expected. (concurrently held with joint admission)


April 30 (Tue.),2024 Deadline for Applications
July Sending Floor Plan & Exhibitor Manual
From August Visitor Website opening
September 16 (Mon.) - 17 (Tue.) Move-In, Setting up
September 18 (Wed.) - 20 (Fri.) Exhibition Period (10:00 - 17:00)
September 20 (Fri.) Move-Out (17:00 -)

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